Dan Galloway is a Christian speaker whose crazy journey of more than half a century has taught him again and again that God's LOVE and GRACE are best described as indescribable. 

​Adversity started quite early for Dan. At age six, he came face-to-face with tragedy when he was the sole witness to his dad's life-ending heart attack. As childhood progressed, his self-esteem was often negatively impacted by bullies, some of whom used left hooks while others went the route of verbal abuse. When Dan was 10, he was within seconds of drowning before his uncle rescued him from a series of strong rip currents in the Atlantic Ocean. As a teen, the drama and overall craziness continued in relentless fashion. The list of trials that tested Dan's faith truly goes on and on (and on and on).

​Decades later, Dan stands in amazement as to how much he has walked through with the Lord, including (but not at all limited to), ADHD, anxiety, depression, financial mistakes, and career transitions.. Although he will forever be a work in progress, Dan has come a long way in understanding that placing TRUST IN THE LORD is what life's all about.

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A Witness to Dan's Faith
Jim Ferruzzi, of Orlando, FL, wrote...
​"Through the years I have watched Dan grow tremendously in his faith and walk with the Lord. I can truly say I have never met a more passionate person about life, his family and his faith. I know, without a doubt, he would be a highly informative, entertaining, and inspiring speaker for any group who had an interest in seeing first hand what the power and love of God can do for anyone who turns their life and trust over to the Lord."   

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